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Only with Trikno


ColdPress® refers to our unique process for producing perfect, thin and uniform shells with exact rims and tight lids. Complex products can easily be produced through a customised stamp design. The ColdPress® process ensures an even wall thickness of the shells (from 1.0mm) at every point, regardless of the product design.

Possible applications include:
  • Chocolates
  • Chocolate bars
  • Open shell chocolates
  • Hollow figures
  • Surprise eggs
  • Semi-finished products in blisters
  • Assorted chocolates
  • Chocolates with wafers or biscuits
  • Chocolates with whole nuts or cherries

ColdPress® enables you to process different fillings, such as aerated masses or liqueurs, as well simultaneously filling shells with multiple fillings. Our Unique ColdPress system is suitable for retrofitting into your existing line.

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