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Exhibiton | 19.06.2023

Review FOOMA 2023

At FOOMA 2023, Trikno presented itself in Tokyo with its brand "Knobel by Trikno" and an "Omega" - type machine on a stand together. with SAMAC. SAMAC is a renowned Japanese trading company and has been our connection to our customers in Japan for over 20 years.  

Local service and process support
The special feature: SAMAC employs its own technicians who take over most of the service work on our machines in Nippon, thus offering the operators of Knobel machines a supplement to our own customer service. SAMAC actively supports our Japanese customers in improving their production processes by integrating Trikno`s cutting-edge technology.

Strengthening a long-standing partnership
The Trikno team supported the discussions, answered questions from SAMAC and their customers and provided an exciting exchange of ideas. Honesty is important to us: In the last years of the Knobel AG, this partnership, like the entire Japanese market, has not been given the importance it deserves. We are aware of this, and our presence at the Tokyo fair was therefore also a sign of Trikno's commitment to rekindle a strong partnership with SAMAC and the Japanese market. The impact was noticeable, as several chocolate and confectionery manufacturers visited our stand to learn about "Knobel by Trikno" machines.

Into the future as partners
Our joint mission to make the most creative chocolate and confectionery dreams come true was well received and laid the foundation for future ventures. Trikno inspires chocolate and confectionery makers from all over the world. FOOMA 2023 was another moment that brought us at Trikno closer to our long-term objective: "Sweets - only with Trikno."